Critical Thinking – Questions to help improve decision making

Do you have an important decision to make? Here are a list of questions to help guide you

• What is the key issue/problem that you are trying to resolve?
• What information do you have about this issue?
• What are your ideas and assumptions that support your strategy or plan?
• Is there solid evidence to support those assumptions, and what might be some gaps in your reasoning?
• Who are the key stakeholders and what are their viewpoints?
• What other ideas should be explored, and what else do you need to know?
• What are the pros and cons of the solution that you are proposing?
• What are your biases? Is there someone who has a different opinion than yours that you could run your ideas by?
• What impact will your decision have on others? How will you handle this?
• Who would disagree with your proposed solution? What is the rationale that supports their viewpoint?
• What key points, models and/or perspectives do you need to keep in mind as you evaluate the options?
• What will be the impact of your decision?
After evaluating all of the facts, what is the best possible conclusion?
• What specific evidence is driving your conclusion?
• Is there new evidence that would impact your decision?

I co-authored a white paper that provides more examples and information about the importance of critical thinking in business.  Check it out: “Critical Thinking Means Business”

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