Improve retention with “stay interviews” instead of exit interviews

I came across an interesting article about a new trend to help with employee retention. It is called “stay interviews”.  Instead of an exit interview (which the author compares to “closing the barn doors after the horses are out”) the focus is on why employees are staying.  

The concept of stay interviews is interesting because the data would help employers understand what motivates their employees. Why do the employees show up to work everyday? How does the job help them achieve their dreams? 

The best way to find out the answers to these questions would be to ask the employees what motivates them but how many companies actually do this? Or should I ask, how many companies actually make changes based on the feedback? It is not enough to ask the question but an action (or explanation) must occur as a result. Otherwise the information is simply information and won’t improve retention. 

Check out the article: Hiring Wisdom: Why You REALLY Need to Do Retention Interviews

Does your organization track employee motivators? How?

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