Using Personality Type to Make Better Decisions

When thinking about preferences, type, and type dynamics, know that no one type can be characterized as the best decision maker.  Effective decision making requires the flexibility to shift between the Five Core Decision-Making Processes in response to real-life demands.
In the booklet, Introduction to Type® and Decision Making, Katherine W. and Elizabeth Hirsh provide a helpful and realistic guide in decision-making processes and aid in understanding the decision-making processes of others.
These Five Core Processes are crucial to do effective decision making:
  1. Approach a decision-making opportunity
  2. Generate Decision Options
  3. Commit to a Decision Option
  4. Implement a Decision
  5. Reflecting on a Decision
In turn, these processes affect personality preferences in distinctive ways, such as the following:
  • When approaching a decision-making opportunity, extroverts are more likely to identify others who could be involved in the decision, while introverts will ensure they are involved in the decision.
  • People who prefer extraversion will mention all options that occur to them when generating decision options.  On the other hand, introverts will mention only those options they are willing to pursue.
  • If committing to a decision option, an extrovert will notify others immediately when a decision has been made.  Whereas, and individual who prefers introversion will neglect to notify others immediately when a decision has been reached.
  • Preferences for extraversion will include delegating liberally while implementing a decision, but delegation will be sparingly for introversion preferences.
  • During reflection on a decision, extroverts have a tendency to consider how they can change their environment, while introverts consider how they can change themselves. 
Decision-making can be influenced by innumerable factors, including work environment and cultural identity.  

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