Leveraging type to coach others

Coaching can be defined as the art of guiding a person to identify and develop his/hers strengths, recognize and learn to compensate for or manage blind spots or developmental needs, and strategize for career and personal development.

Each coaching situation is different.  However, the following general type and coaching process can be augmented based on available resources and past experiences:

Assess Type

Determine Strengths and Challenges

Evaluate Individual Needs

Asses Skills and Interests

Develop Action Plan

Incorporating type preferences can add valuable perspective to a team, but the person may need to plan for coping with the stress being different can produce.  Possible type tips for introverts and extroverts coping with differences are detailed below.

When you have a preference for Extraversion and your co-workers have a preference for Introversion, consider:

Networking with others outside your team

Asking team members to voice their ideas

Paying attention to the written word

When you have a preference for Introversion and your co-workers have a preference for Extraversion, consider:

Arriving at work early to take advantage of quiet time

Planning private breaks throughout the day to collect your thoughts

In meetings, voicing even partially thought-through perspectives

Personality type concepts bring a framework to the complex- and sometimes chaotic-interactions among people in the work world.  Exploring the general characteristics and developmental needs of other types can lend understanding to differing work communication styles and sources of stress, while reinforcing the idea that everyone has blind spots and shortcomings and thus might benefit from coaching.

More information can be found in the Introduction to Type and Coaching book.  This book is a planning tool for those involved in coaching others and a source of information about type and personal development for those being coached.

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