Developing your EQ Using Type

Learn the benefits of developing your emotional intelligence  When you have an expanded emotional intelligence and a balanced personality, you have a healthier lifestyle, stronger relationships, and overall greater satisfaction and performance in your chosen work. In Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence, Roger R. Pearman emphasizes the advantages of cultivating your emotional intelligence and how it will create progression in:

  • Enhancing your leadership abilities
  • Enriching your relationships
  • Extending your influence
  • Expanding the personal resources you can call on to manage life’s mental demands.

 During emotional intelligence development, certain challenges arise that may be difficult to manage.  Below are specific actions you can take to overcome these challenges depending upon your preferences.

  • Since individuals with preferences for extraversion initiate, they must learn to pace themselves and allow for silence when communicating.
  • Introverts focus inwardly, and should learn to frequently scan the environment and acknowledge the processing of information.
  • Since individuals with preferences for judging like structure, they must learn to be patient with open processes and reach agreements on closure needs.
  • Perceivers enjoy flow, and should learn to establish closure and reach agreements on processing needs.

 Many emotional intelligence books and concepts imply that certain types have more innate EQ than others.  However, each type has a unique emotional intelligence gift they possess, and each gift can be advantageous when extending emotional intelligence.  For example:

  • If you have preferences for Introverted Sensing, you possess the gift of realism and specificity.
  • Extraverted Sensors have the gift of immediate awareness and focus.
  • If you have preferences for Introverted Thinking, you have the gift of evaluating frameworks and being precise.
  • Extraverted Thinkers have the gift of analysis and critique.

Strong emotional intelligence among leaders aids employee retention, productivity, and performance.  Discover how to maximize the best performance results in your organization, by purchasing Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence.

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